About Us

The School of Physics at UNSW is one of Australia’s leading institutes of scientific endeavour.   Our teaching and research staff are at the forefront of exploration in Astrophysics, Acoustics, Biophysics, Computational Physics and Big Data, Condensed Matter Physics and Quantum DevicesExperimental and Observational Physics, Fundamental Physics, Theoretical Physics, and Physics Education Research. We offer coursework and research programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in these areas.

The School of Physics at UNSW leads by example.  We are home to four National Centres of Excellence funded by the Federal Government, which work collaboratively with outstanding educational and industry-based institutions nationally and internationally. 

Our Centres of Excellence are in the areas of Quantum Computing (Centre for Quantum Computing and Communication Technology - CQC²T), Information Technology (Centre for Future Low Energy Electronics Technologies – FLEET), Sustainable Energy (Centre of Exciton Science – ACEx), and in 2021 a new Centre of Astrophysics (Astro 3D). 

The School of Physics at UNSW is educating training the next generation of ground-breaking physicists. We welcome you to join us.