Emergency Information

On-Campus Emergency (Ambulance/Fire/Police) 24/7

T: 9385 6666

  • State your name
  • Location of the incident, Building/Floor & Room No
  • What the emergency is: fire, bomb, gas, chemical spill

UNSW Security

T: 9385 6000

NSW Poisons Information Centre

 T: 13 11 26

UNSW Health Services

T: 9385 5425

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation Alarms

1) The ALERT tone  - Beep Beep sound 

  • Used to alert the occupants of the building to prepare for an evacuation and to mobilise the evacuation personnel in the building. 

2) The EVACUATION tone  - Whoop Whoop sound and a recorded voice asking you to evacuate the building 

  • Upon hearing this alarm you must leave the building in an orderly fashion via the nearest fire stairs or exit.
  • Do NOT use the Lift.
  • Meet at the Evacuation Assembly Area outside the Old Main Building.

First Aid Officers

Tamara Reztsova E:, T: 9385 4577

Sivakumar Natarajan E:, T: 93859890, M: 0451563554

Kris Karpinski  E:, T: 90653568, M: 0416010865 

First Aid Equipment

Location: Level 1, Corridor, near First Year Lab

Locations: Throughout Old Main Building

LG03    Mailroom

LG06    Acoustics Lab

LG07    CMP Lab

LG12    QED Lab

LG20    Demo Unit

LG26    CMP Lab

LG28    Phys Clips

LG29    Astro Lab

LG35    Student Society PHYSOC

LG43    CMP Lab

LG44    CMP Lab

LG45    Optoelectronics Lab  

LG48    QED Lab

LG48a  Biophotonics Lab

LG49    Protein (X‐ray) Lab

LG51    QED Lab

G06     Physics School Office

G10     Protein Lab

G11     Raman Spectroscopy

G12     QED Lab

G57H   Pantry

G169    Astro Physics Lab

113     First Year Lab
128    Pantry             
142     Higher Year Physics Lab

201       IT Experts

Physics Safety Committee Members