Staff Directory

Photo of Ranji Balalla
Manager, First Year Physics Teaching Unit

Ranji Balalla

Photo of K. Clayton

Kristien Clayton

Photo of Vladimir Dzuba
Professional Officer

Vladimir Dzuba

Photo of Diana Edler

Diana Edler

Photo of Susan Hagon
Physics Friend

Susan Hagon

Project Assistant

Glen Hawkins

Outreach Manager

Shane Hengst

Photo of Otte Homan
Laboratory Manager

Otte Homan

Photo of David Jonas

David Jonas

Photo of Gary Keenan
Professional Officer

Gary Keenan

Photo of Ella Yan Li
Finance Manager

Ella Yan Li

Picture of Raul Martinez
Technical Officer

Raul Martinez

Technical Officer

Sivakumar Natarajan

Photo of Alana Parker
School Manager

Alana Parker

Technical Support Manager

Tamara Reztsova