PHYS1110 Everyday Physics


PHYS 0001, 1111, 1121, 1131, 1141, 1149, 1221, 1231 and 1241

Course Description : 

This is a fully online course that looks at everyday applications of physics. No prior physics knowledge is required. The course will look at the physics behind several everyday phenomena (eg. speed cameras, stars and streetlights). Physics topics addressed in this course include thermodynamics, properties of fluids, basic mechanics, electricity and magnetism, waves, nuclear physics, quantum physics, optics and astronomy. Basic experimental methods will be covered through simulations and simple experiments that can be conducted at home. The course will make use of Physclips. The course would form a good basic physics knowledge for students studying life sciences, medicine and business and for those planning to sit the Gamsat exam. This is a quantitative course using algebra and trigonometry but not calculus.

A syllabus is available here

The semester 2 2018 course outline can be found here. This includes the assesment schedule.


6 investigations worth 5% each = 30%

4 online quizzes worth 10% each = 40% (these are quite challenging)

Peer review activity based on draft of final report = 10%

Final report = 20%

Semester(s) Offered: 

This course is offered Semester 1, Semester 2.

In UNSW3+ it will be offered in Terms 1, 2 and 3.

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Elizabeth Angstmann