PHYS1111 Fundamentals of Physics


Semester 1:
Weeks 1-6    Professor Michael Ashley
Weeks 7-12  Dr. Krystyna Wilk

Semester 2:
Weeks 1-6    Mr. David Budden
Weeks 7-12  Dr. Krystyna Wilk






Physics: 10th Edition, Cutnell & Johnson (Wiley)

Wiley website link to purchase the recommended textbook including eText:



Course Coordinator: 

Dr Krystyna Wilk, First Year Physics Laboratory Director, email

Course Description : 

The course introduces basic physics principles and applications of these ideas in the real world. No prior physics knowledge is required. The course covers  basic kinematics, mechanics, thermal physics, properties of fluids, waves, basic optics, electricity, magnetism, elctromagnetism, quantum theory and nuclear physics. This is a quantitative course using algebra and trigonometry but not calculus. The course has fully online preparation for laboratory experiments. The course syllabus is available here. This is an introductory level course in physics for students from all disciplines. It also serves as a suitable introduction to physics for students whose program requires them to take PHYS1121 or PHYS1131 but who do not have the recommended level of assumed knowledge for these courses.


Course Structure: 

6 hours per week:
3 x 1 hour lectures, 1 x 1 hour Problem Solving Class, 1 x 2 hour laboratory period


Students MUST complete each assessment component of the course, including final exam, all laboratory experiments (including pre-lab quizzes) and WileyPLUS quizzes in order to finish the course.



Laboratory (experiments and online pre-lab quizzes)


WileyPLUS Quizzes


End of Semester Final Examination






Semester(s) Offered: 

Semesters 1 and 2
In UNSW3+ (2019) this course will be offered in Terms 1 and 3 (T1 & T3).

Additional Information: 

Laboratory Exemption for Repeating Students:
If you are a repeating student you may apply for a laboratory exemption. Your previous lab grade will determine whether you qualify for a laboratory exemption; you need a mark of 15/20 or above.
To apply for laboratory exemption please complete and submit the form online: Lab Exemption form for the Repeating Students.

Photo of Michael Ashley

Michael Ashley

Photo of Krystyna Wilk
Senior Lecturer

Krystyna Wilk