PHYS1149 Physics 1A (Aviation)


Semester 1
Weeks 1-6    Professor Michael Ashley
Weeks 7-12  Dr. Krystyna Wilk



Physics: 10th Edition, Cutnell & Johnson (Wiley)

Wiley website link to purchase any version of the textbook including eText:

Course Coordinator: 

Dr Krystyna Wilk, First Year Physics Laboratory Director, email

Course Description : 

This is an introductory level course on physics for students in Aviation.
The course will cover the methods of Physics, including the folowing topics: the description of motion; forces and momentum; the dynamics of particles; kinetic and potential energy; the conservation of energy; temperature and thermal equilibrium; specific and latent heat; thermal energy; fluids and fluid flow; oscillations and simple harmonic motion; waves, wave reflection, refraction and interference; the wave nature of light; electric fields and charge; electric potential and energy; electric currents; magnetism; electromagnetic induction and Faraday’s law; early quantum theory and models of the atom; nuclear physics and radioactivity; nuclear energy.

Assumed Knowledge:  There is no Assumed Knowledge for this course.

The syallabus is available here

Course Structure: 

6 hours per week: 
3 x 1 hour lectures, 1 x 1 hour Problem Solving Class, 1 x 2 hour laboratory period


Students MUST complete each assessment component of the course, including final examall laboratory experiments (including pre-lab quizzes) and WileyPLUS quizzes in order to finish the course.



Laboratory (experiments and online prelab quizzes)


WileyPLUS Quizzes


End of Semester Final Examination





Semester(s) Offered: 

Semester 1
In UNSW3+ (2019) this course will be offered in Term 1 (T1).

Additional Information: 

Laboratory Exemption for Repeating Students:
If you are a repeating student you may apply for a laboratory exemption. Your previous lab grade will determine whether you qualify for a laboratory exemption; you need a mark of 15/20 or above.
To apply for laboratory exemption please complete and submit the form online: Lab Exemption form for the Repeating Students.

Photo of Michael Ashley

Michael Ashley

Photo of Krystyna Wilk
Senior Lecturer

Krystyna Wilk