PHYS1211 Energy and Environmental Physics


Weeks 1-5     Dr. Christine Lindstrom
Weeks 5-9     Professor Michael Ashley

Course Coordinator: 

Dr. Christine Lindstrom

Course Description : 

The topics covered in PHYS1211 are:  Energy its uses and environmental impacts, thermodynamics, heat engines, heat transfer, solar radiation and its uses, properties of fluids, alternative energy sources, photons and atoms, photovoltaic energy, nuclear science and technology, environmental effects of natural and technological radiation sources, energy management.

The course is suitable as an elective or as a general education course.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Aviation program will also study PHYS1211 Energy & Environmental Physics in term 2 of their first year. 

TERM(S) Offered: 

Term 2
PHYS1211 course will be offered fully online in Term 2, 2020, 


Christine Lindstrøm

Photo of Michael Ashley

Michael Ashley