PHYS2114 Electromagnetism

Course Coordinator: 

Peter Reece

Course Description : 

Electromagnetism is important from both fundamental and applied viewpoints. This course aims to provide students with an introduction to the principles and behaviours of electric and magnetic systems, and the unified subject of electromagnetism in terms of Maxwell’s four equations. Building on electromagnetic theory, we will analyse a number problems that are of importance in optical and radiofrequency engineering. Topics to be covered include: Electric field and force due to a static electric charge distribution. Electric potential. Work and energy. Laplace’s equation and solution methods. Electric polarisation. Linear dielectrics. Lorentz force. Magnetic fields due to a steady current distribution. Magnetic vector potential. Magnetization. Linear media. Time-dependent fields. Faraday’s law. Inductance. Maxwell’s equations. Electromagnetic waves in vacuum. Electromagnetic waves in linear dielectric media. Fresnel reflection at dielectric and metallic interfaces. Electromagnetic waveguide modes. Thin film optics. Polarization states.

Semester(s) Offered: 

Semester 2 every year


(PHYS1221 or PHYS1231 or PHYS1241) and (MATH2069 or MATH2011 or MATH2111)

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Peter Reece

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Tim Duty

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Clemens Ulrich