PHYS3111 Quantum Mechanics


PHYS3011 Quantum Mechanics and Electrodynamics

Course Coordinator: 

Julian Berengut

Course Description : 

Quantum mechanics is a cornerstone of modern physics, and deals with physical phenomena on microscopic scales.  This is a highest undergraduate course in quantum mechanics, and will  provide  students with a broad  and  comprehensive  introduction and a foundation for further study.  Topics to be covered include: Quantum mechanics in three dimensions. Angular momentum. Hydrogen atom. Landau levels. Spin. Identical particles and spin-statistic relation.  Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients.  Time-independent perturbation theory and applications: Particle dynamics in 1D weak sinusoidal potential, band structure, Bloch theorem, Brillouin zone, quasimomentum, metals and band insulators. Time-dependent perturbation theory. Fermi Golden rule. Adiabatic evolution and Berry phase.  Particle wave analysis in scattering theory.  Born approximation Dispersion relation for scattering amplitude.  Low energy and resonance scattering.

The Semester 1 2018 course outline can be found here.

Semester(s) Offered: 

Semester 1, every year


(MATH2069 or MATH2521 or MATH2621) and (PHYS2111 or PHYS2110)

Additional Information: 

Students will complete three laboratory experiments over the semester.

Photo of Oleg Sushkov
ARC Australian Professorial Fellow

Oleg Sushkov

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Senior Lecturer

Julian Berengut

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Associate Professor

Michael Kuchiev