PHYS3114 Electrodynamics



Course Description : 

Classical electrodynamics is important from both the fundamental and applied viewpoints.  This course aims to provide students with an introduction to the principles and behaviours of dynamical electric and magnetic systems, and a theoretical foundation in classical field theory.  The course will begin with the application of electromagnetic theory to study optical phenomena, before moving on to more formal topics.  It will finish with an introduction to relativistic electrodynamics and its covariant formulation, paving the way for a quantum field theory of electrodynamics (QED).  Topics to be covered include: Scalar diffraction theory. Image formation and Fourier Optics, Coherence. Electromagnetic fields in dispersive media. Scattering. Maxwellís equations potential formulation. Gauge transformation. Poyntingís theorem, conservation laws. Greenís function solution of static problems. Inhomogeneous wave equation and Greenís function solution. Dipole radiation. Emission of radiation from accelerating and decelerating charges. Relativistic electrodynamics. Covariant formulation.

Semester(s) Offered: 

Semester 2


(PHYS2114 or PHYS2210) and PHYS2113

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