PHYS4013 Physics Honours Coursework A


Quantum Mechanics
Prof Oleg Sushkov (weeks 1-4)
A/Prof Michael Kuchiev (weeks 5-8)

Electromagnetism and the Standard Model
A/Prof Michael Kuchiev

Solid State Physics
A/Prof Clemens Ulrich (weeks 1-4)
Prof Sven Rogge (weeks 5-8)


Course Description : 

Advanced topics in quantum mechanics; electromagnetism and the standard model; and solid state physics

Quantum Mechanics
Selected topics of advanced Quantum Mechanics. Currently it includes
Identical particles, fermions and bosons.
Born-Oppenheimer approximation for molecules and solids.
Classification of electronic states of diatomic molecules.
Charged particle in magnetic field. Landau levels.
Heisenberg formulation of Quantum Mechanics. Creation/annihilation operators for harmonic oscillator
Relativistic equations: Klein-Gordon equation, Dirac equation.
Scattering Theory: Scattering amplitude, Born approximation, Low-energy scattering, scattering phases, resonance scattering.

Solid State Physics
Band Theory: Electrons in periodic solids; nearly-free-electron approximation; tight-binding method, s-electrons in cubic lattices; Density Functional approaches.
Electron Dynamics: The Fermi surface; effective mass; energy levels and orbits in a magnetic field; cyclotron resonance; de Haas-van Alphen effect; examples from real materials.
Fundamentals of Magnetism: Origins of magnetism, Hund's rules; exchange interaction, diamagnetism, paramagnetism, Curie law, molecular field, Curie-Weiss law
Magnetic Structures: Magnetic ordering, ferromagnetism and antiferromagnetism; anisotropy, domains, neutron scattering determination of magnetic

Electromagnetism and the Standard Model
Electrodynamics: Relativistic notation, 4-vectors,
Vector potential, tensor of EM field,
Gauge invariance,
Action of a particle in an EM field and action of an EM field,
Equations of motion – Maxwell’s equations, and equation for a charged  particle (Examples: electron in static electric or/and magnetic fields,  electron in an electromagnetic wave).
Liénard - Wiechert retarded potentials and fields,
Radiation from an accelerated particle: synchrotron radiation, spectrum, polarization and angular distribution; dipole radiation
Scattering of EM waves: long-wave limit and short wave limit
Dirac monopoles, quantization condition, dyons

Semester(s) Offered: 

Semester 1 only

Photo of Oleg Sushkov
ARC Australian Professorial Fellow

Oleg Sushkov

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Associate Professor

Michael Kuchiev

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Associate Professor

Clemens Ulrich

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Scientia Professor and Head of School

Sven Rogge