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Students complete two coursework units (PHYS4013 Physics Honours Coursework A and PHYS4014 Physics Honours Coursework B), one in each semester. Each unit is worth 12 UOC and consists of lectures in a selection of advanced physics topics. Each course is assessed via assignments worth 30% and exams worth 70% of the final mark. Coursework contributes 50% towards a student’s final grade for honours.

The other 50% of a Physics honours mark comes from completion of one or two research projects. Projects are offered in all areas of research in the School: Astrophysics; Biophysics; Condensed Matter Physics; Music Acoustics and Theoretical Physics. Projects are also offered by academics in the Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology. A list of projects and supervisors will be available in the semester before students begin honours. Research is assessed by a written research plan submitted early each semester, literature reviews and thesis at the end of the project. At the end of the year students are required to present a short talk about their project.