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The Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physics takes 1 year of full-time study to complete (part time may also be available.) Students study higher-level coursework subjects, and complete one or two research projects under the guidance of an academic supervisor.

Coursework and research each contribute 50% to the final honours grade. Honours grades will be awarded in the following classes:
Honours Class 1: WAM of 85 or greater;
Honours Class 2 Division 1: WAM from 75 to 84;
Honours Class 2 Division 2: WAM from 65 to 74;
Honours Class 3: WAM below 65.
High performing students may be recommended for a university medal.


Students in the Bachelor of Advanced Science degree need to have completed all Stage 1-3 requirements of their degree before they can enrol into honours.

Students in the Bachelor of Science must have completed a major in Physical Science, and maintained a WAM of 65% or above in their Physics and Mathematics courses. Students should have taken at least 24 UOC of Level 3 Physics courses, including PHYS3111 Quantum Mechanics; PHYS3113 Thermal Physics and Statistical Mechanics; and PHYS3114 Electrodynamics.

Students from other universities who wish to transfer to UNSW for Honours in Physics should make sure that they have completed equivalent subjects to these. If not, the Graduate Diploma (Research) or Master of Philosophy degree may be a more appropriate option.


Students can begin honours in either semester 1 or semester 2. Most students study honours full-time, but part time may also be available.

Honours in Physics is automatically included in the Bachelor of Advanced Science degree.

From the start of 2015, all students in the Bachelor of Science (or dual Science degrees), the Bachelor of Science (International) or Bachelor of Science and Business, or students from other universities, will need to graduate from their Science degree and then enrol into the Bachelor of Science (Honours). Applications should be submitted in the semester before you plan to begin honours.