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Faculty of Science Vacation Research Scholarships

UNSW Science Summer Vacation Research Scholarships are available for students currently enrolled in second year or above in Physics or a related discipline. The Scholarships are valued at $3800 for a 6 week research project over the 2019-2020 Summer Vacation (November to February).

    Application opening: 23 July 2019. APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED FOR 2019-2020

Further information and online application forms available here .

Read about what some previous summer’s scholars did here:


Possible Summer Research Projects in the School of Physics

Supervisor(s)Project TitleProject Details
Dr Peter ReecePhotonics and OptoelectronicsDesc
Dr Maria CunninghamAstrophysics and AstrochemistryDesc
Prof. Chris TinneyExoplanets and Brown DwarfsDesc
A/Prof. Clemens UlrichOptical Spectroscopy and neutron scatteringDesc
A/Prof. Dennis StelloSounding stars using data from NASA's kepler and TESS missionsDesc
Prof. Sven RoggeQuantum computation in siliconDesc
Dr Kim-Vy TranGalaxy Evolution across cosmic timeDesc
Prof. Michael AshleyAstronomy from AntarcticaDesc
Prof. Paul CurmiBiophysicsDesc
Prof. Victor FlambaumTheoretical PhysicsDesc
Prof. Oleg SushkovFabry Perot interferometer with Quantum Point ContactDesc
Dr Julian BerengutTheoretical PhysicsDesc
Prof. Michelle SimmonsCentre of Quantum Computation and Communication TechnologyDesc
Prof. Alexander HamiltonExperimental Condensed Matter PhysicsDesc
A/Prof. Dane McCameyExcitonic Materials and DevicesDesc
Dr Sarah MartellGalactic ArchaeologyDesc