Students of physics at UNSW
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Careers in Physics

Many Physics graduates follow careers in research and in areas such as telecommunications and photonics there is a high demand for qualified physicists. As Physics teaches you how to solve problems and equips you with mathematical and information technology skills, a vast range of other career options are available for graduates. Some of these include scientific sales and management; teaching at schools, TAFE and universities; and the Commonwealth and State Public Service. UNSW Physics graduates have also made successful careers in industries such as manufacturing, communications, computing, electronics, finance, and biomedical technology.

It is now common for people to have several very different careers during their life. A university degree should not just train you for your first job, but teach you skills that you will use for the next forty years. A Physics degree teaches you how to analyse and solve problems, to work in a team and to think critically and creatively; all valuable skills that you will use in any career you choose.