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Electromagnetism for Teachers - PHYS9130

This is a predominantly online course covering electromagnetism. Lecture material and tutorial problems will be presented online. This is the third course in the graduate certificate for physics teachers. This course will teach students about electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is the branch of physics concerned with studying interactions between electrically charged particles. In this course students will learn about electrical circuits containing resistors, capacitors and inductors. They will use Gauss's law to find electric fields and electric potentials around symmetric charge distributions. They will learn how to define and calculate capacitance. The course will also look at magnetic fields and magnetic inductance. Electromagnetic waves and optics will be considered. The course will include a two day face-to-face session on the UNSW campus scheduled on a weekend in which students will conduct experiments and solve problems.

Assumed Knowledge: Students need to be able to differentiate and integrate polynomials to complete this course. A good understanding of HSC level Extension 1 Mathematics is recommended.

The assesment for the course is:

30% lab reports: These will be carried out in the two day face to face session. Students will then choose one of these and adapt it for use with a class of school age students.

20% online quizzes: These wll ensure your remail up to date and can use some improtant concepts to answer questions.

50% examination: to make sure you can answer questions about the material covered in the course.


4th June-12th September 2018 (10 weeks: You would need to ernoll in PHYS9110 in January 2018 and PHYS9120 in February 2018, to be able to enroll in this. You would be able to complete the program in December 2018)

face-to-face: 21st-22nd July