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Master of Philosophy

The Master of Philosophy is a research degree. It will take 3 sessions to complete and students complete 24 UOC (Units of Credit) of coursework and one thesis. Entry to the MPhil requires at least a three year Bachelor of Science degree with a credit or higher average (or equivalent), with a major in Physics.

It is 3 sessions (72 UOC) long. It can be started in either February or July.

Although the MPhil is a research degree, you have to complete 24 UOC worth of courses which are usually four postgraduate courses (in areas such as Theoretical Physics, Astrophysics, or Solid State Physics). (However, the School or your supervisor may recommend that you do other postgraduate courses.)

You complete 1 research project over the 3 sessions. Your thesis is assessed by two examiners, both external to the University.

How To Apply

Entry to the MPhil is through a postgraduate research application directly to UNSW.

Fees and Scholarships

* Local Students: Since the MPhil is a postgraduate research degree, local students are not required to pay course tuition fees. The Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)/ and University Postgraduate Award (UPA) scholarships are NOT available to students undertaking a Master of Philosphy.

* International students would pay postgraduate research fees. Note that students will be required to pay for 72 UOC (the annual fee quoted is for 48 UOC). Please note that Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (EIPRS) and the University International Postgraduate Awards (UIPA) are not available for students undertaking the MPhil.

The Postgraduate Director is Prof Tim Duty and students should contact him in the first instance. The Graduate Research School provides advice and assistance to all higher degree research students at UNSW.