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Please contact our Outreach Manager, Shane Hengst, if you would like to book an interactive presentation(s) for your school.

Understanding Gravity

What goes up must come back down - makes sense, right? Unfortunately, as soon as we leave the Earth, there is a twist in this gravitational tale. Great minds such as Galileo, Newton and Einstein all pondered about it but do we really have a full understanding of Gravity?

Presentation: ~45min
Audience: Secondary (Recommended Years 11 & 12)
Room Requirements: Lecture Theatre, Computer Projector

Looking Up

Looking up at the night sky is not something we do often. The stars are slowly fading away due to increase amounts light pollution in and around major cities. The apparent movement of stars have told us so much about the Universe in which we live. This interactive presentation will highlight significant astronomical developments in one talk - from the discovery of planets to the development of the telescope! The talk will emphasise the importance of observational evidence that helped shape the understanding of celestial bodies and their movement throughout the Cosmos!

Presentation: ~45min
Audience: All Ages
Room Requirements: Lecture Theatre, Computer Projector