Visiting Teaching Fellows

In 2017, the School of Physics hosted a visiting teaching fellow for the first time. This has been very successful with the teaching fellow being very actively engaged in producing resources for professional development for teachers to support the new school syllabus.

A teaching fellow is a current high school physics teacher who works in a secondment position in the School of Physics for one year. Physics teachers in both government and non-government schools are welcome to apply.

The visiting teaching fellow program aims to increase communication and links between schools and universities. The visiting teaching fellow will teach in the first year physics laboratory as well as teaching some first year problem solving workshops and helping out students in drop in sessions.

The school of physics will benefit from learning more about how high school classes are taught and the knowledge basis of our incoming students. We hope that schools will benefit from seeing where some of their students end up and learning about the way we teach students at university.

The visiting teaching fellow will have the opportunity to expand upon and refresh their physics knowledge as well as create useful resources for teachers and schools.

Our teaching fellows