2021 Astro3D Science Conference

In an ambitious three-day conference program, researchers from across Australian universities will gather to discuss new and ongoing examinations of the universe and our understanding of it.  

With a collective goal to unlock the mysteries of the universe and share the wonder of astronomy with the broad community, the 2021 conference offers a wide range of topics. 

This year, seven researchers from the School of Physics at UNSW will present papers, including:

  • UNSW Associate Professor and astronomer - Kim – Vy TranGalaxy Evolution Project Overview
  • UNSW Associate Professor and astronomer - Sarah Martell – “What can we learn from lithium-rich giants in GALAH?”
  • UNSW Researcher and Astronomer - Jeffrey Simpson – “The Milky Way is not special: accreted stars also inhabit the Spite Plateau”
  • UNSW Physics PhD - Giulia Santucci – “Internal mass distributions and orbital structures of SAMI passive galaxies”
  • UNSW Physics PhD - Kirsten Banks – “Mapping Stellar Interiors with Spectroscopy”
  • UNSW Physics PhD - Anishya Harshan – “The Beginning of the End for Massive Galaxies at z~2 and Why Environment Matters”
  • UNSW Physics Postdoctoral Associate and Astronomer - Cristina Martinez-Lombilla – “Unveiling the mass assembly history of GAMA galaxy groups by the study of their intra-group light”

The ASTRO3D Science Conference is an important event for the ASTRO3D Centre of Excellence, supported by the Australian Federal Government for seven years and $40 Million.  

To register - Astro3D.  (Scroll to bottom of page for registration link.)