Astro Online Seminar - Astronomy Australia Limited and Future Research Possibilities

The School of Physics, UNSW, warmly invites you to hear three speakers from Astronomy Australia Limited (AAL) -  Dr James Murray (Director of Operations), Romy Pearse (AAL Communications Manager), plus an AAL Board Member (tbc) - as part of our ongoing online Astro Seminar Series. 

This week, seminar participants will learn about Astronomy Australian Limited projects and funding arrangements.  Speakers also will give an overview of their areas of expertise and possibilities for future collaboration with UNSW.    

Astronomy Australia Limited (AAL) seeks to advances the science of astronomy by contracting with, allocating and supplying funds to organisations for the establishment, development, enhancement or operation of, or for access to, astronomy research infrastructure. The major components of funding provided by AAL under the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme (NCRIS) are in the areas of radio astronomy, data and computing services and optical instrumentation.

Important Information for Seminar Participants:

Held within a standard zoom meeting framework, AAL is currently conducting its member updates during lockdown via a new interactive platform called WooClap. WooClap allows meeting attendees to participate with presenters in real-time throughout the session – they only need to have a personal device with internet capability on hand to do so (a mobile phone, tablet/ipad or laptop). At the start of the zoom meeting, we will provide everyone in the session with a URL to gain access to WooClap. Attendees need simply to enter this URL into their personal device (or they can take an image of the QR code provided on the main screen with their phones) to participate via a series of questions posed by the presenters throughout the session. As attendees respond to these prompts, real-time results from their answers will appear on the main presentation screen which the presenters can then react to. 

Feedback from participant responses is captured for review at a later stage, which helps us to gain a better understanding of the individual needs of our members. All feedback is anonymous, however, so attendees are free (and encouraged) to be completely honest with their responses during the session. Participation via WooClap is completely voluntary, but we have found this to be a really great method of gaining meaningful feedback from our members (as well as keeping everyone engaged during the session) so we hope that most of the meeting attendees will be keen to participate during the member update.