Webinar: Commercialising Semiconductor Research with Steven Duvall

Presented by FLEET, this webinar - Commercialising Semiconductor Research - offers unique insights on university-industry collaborations, technology commercialisation of university research and the semiconductor industry in Australia and overseas.  

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Speakers:  Dr Steven Duvall, Dr Liam Anderson, and Dr Samuel Tedman-Jones

Dr Steven Duvall is Silanna’s Chief Technology Officer and General Manager of Technology Development. Dr Duvall leads the research, development and commercialisation of new semiconductor manufacturing technologies and products.  

Dr Liam Anderson: Liam completed his PhD on thin films for organic electronics applications in 2013 and began at Silanna Semiconductor as a metallisation process engineer immediately after. He is now the team leader for the characterisation team and focuses on understanding the material properties of epitaxial heterostructures, with a particular interest in x-ray diffraction measurements. 

Dr Samuel Tedman-Jones: Sam completed a PhD in Materials Engineering the University of Queensland prior to taking up his current position as a “grower” (a process engineer) at Silanna Semiconductor. His prior work experience includes alloy research at a foundry and software development. At Silanna, Sam’s work involves a mixture of writing code to control growth processes, getting hands-on with the growth chambers and conducting materials research.