Workshop AusIMPACT21 - Integrated Microcavities for Photonic Applications of Comb Technology

AusIMPACT21 is the first Australian workshop on Integrated Microcavities for Photonic Applications of Comb Technology.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together leading researchers from academia, industry, and elsewhere in comb science and technology to discuss applications and keep track of progress in comb research.  Furthermore, the workshop hopes to identify future opportunities.

Join this two-day workshop on Zoom, anchored around Professor Andre Luiten from the University of Adelaide, exploring front-line scientific work on theory, materials, fabrication, and applications in information processing of metrology and astronomy.

Among the line-up of speakers is Professor Chris Tinney from the School of Physics at UNSW who will partake in a session on Astronomy from 10am – 12pm, Thursday 30 September, along with Professor Andre Luiten and Professor Michael Murphy (Swinburne).  Professor Tinney will discuss ‘Why Astronomers Want Frequency Combs and How We Use Them’.

Other speakers will include  Scott Diddams (NIST), Alessia Pasquazi (Sussex), Antoine Rolland (IMRA), Andre Luiten (Adelaide), Dave Moss (Swinburne), Arnan Mitchell (RMIT) and Irina Kabakova (UTS). 

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AusIMPACT21 is organised jointly by IPOS (Institute of Photonics and Optical Science), SIFA (Sydney Institute for Astronomy), and SAIL (Sydney Astrophotonics Instrumentation Laboratory).