06 December 2018
We are accepting applications for 2019 casual laboratory demonstrators in the first year and higher year teaching laboratories, teaching assistants for online courses, problem solving workshops and the first year study area.
12 September 2018
Nominations for the Dirac medal and lecture are open and will close on 8th October 2018.
21 August 2018

The School of Physics's Prof Michael Ashley and UNSW alumnus Dr Colin Bonner have travelled to Tibet to search for a suitable location for a new telescope, for the full story please see the below

16 August 2018

Hole-based artificial atoms could be key to spin-based qubit

First isolation of one individual hole in a silicon MOSFET quantum dot

16 August 2018

Controlling hole spin for future quantum spin-based devices, topological materials

The ‘spins’ of electrons (and holes) in semiconductors have potential applications in spintronics, spin-based quantum computing, and topological systems.

01 August 2018

Constraining the movement of charge carriers (electrons or holes) to two dimensions unlocks unusual quantum properties, resulting in useful electronic properties. Much can be learned by observing precisely at what thickness such effects emerge, transitioning from a 3D system to a 2D system.

Cheng Tan (RMIT, left) and Feixiang Xiang (UNSW, right) use a micromanipulator to fabricate hBN-encapsulated WTe2 structures within the oxygen-free, nitrogen atmosphere of a glove-box at RMIT.
03 July 2018

FLEET RMIT—UNSW collaboration measuring transport properties of van der Waals heterostructures

26 June 2018

The School of Physics is currently hiring for two education-focused roles.

Teaching Fellow 

25 June 2018

FLEET - the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies - has been officially launched.

24 April 2018

In a huge galactic archaeology project, astronomers led by UNSW's Dr Sarah Martell have revealed the “DNA” of more than 340,000 stars in the Milky Way, which should help them find the siblings of the Sun, now scattered across the sky.