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Special Consideration

Sickness, misadventure, or other circumstance beyond your control may prevent you from completing a course requirement or attending or submitting assessable work for a course, or may significantly affect your performance in assessable work. You can apply for consideration for the affected assessments. Students apply for special consideration through myUNSW. Full information about how to apply is available here. Note that requests for special consideration must have verified supporting documentation and should be submitted within three days of the missed or affected piece of work.

You will be notified of the result of your special consideration application via email. You should note that merely submitting a request for special consideration does not automatically mean that you will be granted additional assessment, nor that you will be awarded an amended result. For example, if you have a poor record of attendance or performance throughout a session/year in a subject you may be failed regardless of illness or other reason affecting a final examination in that subject. The School of Physics Final Exam policy is here.

If you have a health condition or learning disability that has an impact on your studies, and you want to receive support during your time at university for your disability needs, then you will need to register with UNSW's Disability Support Services . Their advisors can help to arrange services and educational adjustments for you. Students should arrange to meet with an advisor as soon as possible after enrolling to allow time to arrange support services for you.

Students in a first year course (PHYS1xxx) who have questions about special consideration or educational support should contact the First Year Director, Dr Elizabeth Angstmann. All other physics students should contact Brodie Gibson, the higher year Student Advisor.