Professional Development for Teachers

Professional Development Courses - Face to Face

The School of Physics runs face to face professional learning courses, some of which may be NESA accredited. Courses can be found on our Eventbrite page and are also advertised in Beacon, a newsletter from UNSW Science for teachers.

Professional Development Courses - Online

UNSW Science has developed a number of online professional development modules, some of which may be NESA accredited. These can be accessed on OpenLearning for UNSW Science.

Retraining as a Physics Teacher - Physics for Teachers (Graduate Certificate)

If you are a science teacher who would like to become qualified to teach physics, there is an online award course run by the School of Physics called the Graduate Certificate in Physics for Science Teachers. In this course, you will learn about the concepts that are covered in high school physics as well as developing a deeper understanding for yourself so that you can be confident in explaining and contextualising physics ideas for your students.

Recent Research in Physics Education

Physics Education Research for Evidence Centred Teaching (PERfECT) at UNSW is an education research and teaching group at the University of New South Wales. Its focus is on improving physics teaching practices in Australia and conducting research on effective teaching methods for Australian and international students.

Visit their website to view recent research by the group and from others into the teaching and learning of physics.