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15 August

Welcome Billy Pappas to the group for a 3rd year research project.

29 July

Dane is a finalist for the 3M Eureka Prize for Emerging Leader in Sceince!!

12 July 

Dr Amir Asadpoordarvish has joined the group to develop organic electronic devices for spin resonance studies. Welcome Amir!

5 July

Congratulations to Dr Thomas Keevers on the award of his PhD!!

25 March

Joanna's first first author paper publishged today in PCCP: "Spectral dependence of direct and trap-mediated recombination processes in lead halide perovskites". Good work Jo!


16 December

"Morphological Evolution and Singlet Fission in Aqueous suspensions of TIPS-Pentacene Nanoparticles" with Murad Tayebjee and colleagues was published online today in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Andrew Lam's first paper! 

30 October

The Spin Resonance Research Group received a $360,000 ARC Discovery poroject to investigate energy transfer in orginaic-inorganic hybrid materials with Dr Girish Lakhwani (Sydney University), and Dr Akshay Rao and Prof. Sir Richard Friend (Cambridge University)

21 October

Dane was named NSW Young Tall Poppy of the Year!    


10 August

Isaac Vorreiter has joinded the group for a 2nd year research project. Welcome Isaac!

26 July

Tom and Jo are both presenting talks at the Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance this week. 

13 July

Andrew Danos' first first-author paper "Deuteration of Perylene Enhances Photochemical Upconversion Efficiency" published in Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 

2 July

"Using coherent dynamics to quantify spin coupling within triplet-exciton/polaron complexes in organic diodes" published in Physical Review B today. 

3 June

Tom is on stage at the Basement tonight as a finalist in the Amplify Bright Sparks competition. Good luck Tom!

28 May

"Beyond Shockley–Queisser: Molecular Approaches to High-Efficiency Photovoltaics", a perspective in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters with Murad Tayebjee and Tim Schmidt is available online.

27 May

Tom and Dane's paper "Measuring Spin Relaxation with Standard Pulse Sequences in the Singlet-Triplet Basis" published online in the Journal of Magnetic Resonance.

15 May

"Theory of Exciton-polaron complexes in pulsed electrically detected magnetic resonance" by Tom Keevers, Will Baker, and Dane McCamey published in Physical Review B.

3 March

We welcome Andrew Lam to the group for his Nanotechnology Honours project.




17 October

Tom presented a great talk on "Estimation of the exciton-polaron coupling in organic semiconductors through pulsed electrically detected magnetic resonance" at SPINOS 2014 in Himeji, Japan.

11 October

Dane attended the NHMFL User Advisory Committee meeting in Tallahassee, Florida.

7 July

Dane was elected to the User Advisory Committee of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, USA.

10 July

Joanna was awared an Australian Posytgraduate Award to work on spin control in organic semiconductors. Congratulations Joanna.


Tom is off to the University of Warwick for a three month research visit in Gavin Morley's group. 




Dane was awarded an ARC Future Fellowship to investigate spin based electronic devices based on organic semincuctors.

August 2013

The Spin Resonance Research Group relocated to UNSW.