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Jeremy Bailey

Planetary Atmospheres Group

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Our research involves the study of planetary and exoplanetary atmospheres using a combination of observations on large telescopes, modelling using our VSTAR radiative transfer modelling code, and developing new instruments in the Planetary Atmospheres laboratory.

Our Research:
Earth Atmosphere and Climate:
  • Dust Orientation and Charging
  • Greenhouse Gases
Solar System Observations:
  • Observing Mars and Venus with Ground-Based Telescopes¬†
  • Venus Express
Extrasolar Planet Observations:
  • The Anglo-Australian Planet Search
  • Detecting Extrasolar Planets by Polarimetry
Planetary Atmosphere Modelling:
  • Radiative Transfer Models
  • The Virtual Planetary Laboratory
  • High Resolution Imaging
  • High Precision Polarimetry¬†