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The Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology (CQC2T) consists of more than 200 researchers at eight Australian universities who are developing a suite of technologies for quantum computing, information storage and quantum communications.
Professor Simmons’ (Director of CQC2T, 2018 Australian of the Year) research group at UNSW is the only one in the world that can manipulate individual atoms to make atomically precise electronic devices. Her team at CQC2T is leading the world in the race to develop a quantum computer in silicon. The team’s approach to building a quantum computer in silicon is “from the ground up, atom by atom”. 7 of the Centres 21 Chief Investigators are at UNSW. Quantum computing will change the digital world by providing an exponential increase in computational power over traditional machines. This will create new industries, allow currently impossible research to be carried out, leading to new technologies not yet even imagined.




The challenge of finding a sustainable path to continuing the IT revolution is critical, and time is running out. FLEET addresses a grand challenge: reducing the energy used in information technology, which now accounts for 5% of the electricity use on Earth, and is doubling every 10 years.
FLEET places Australia at the forefront of the new scientific fields of topological electronics, atomically thin materials, exciton condensates, and non-equilibrium phenomena. The Centre will build capacity in Australia for advanced electronics research, and train the workforce for the electronics industry of the future.
The Centre comprises over 100 researchers at seven Australian universities and 13 Australian and international science organisations. FLEET’s multidisciplinary UNSW team of 28 theorists and experimentalists includes eight chief investigators, spread evenly across the School of Physics and the School of Materials Science and Engineering



The Australian Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science (ACEx) is federally funded centre that connects researchers and industry to discover new ways to source and use energy. The Centre is a collaboration between five top Australian universities (on which UNSW is one) and international partners to research better ways to manipulate the way light energy is absorbed, transported and transformed in advanced molecular materials.
We work with industry partners to find innovative solutions for renewable energy in:
•    solar energy conversion,
•    energy-efficient lighting and displays,
•    security labelling and optical sensor platforms for defence.
We’re at the forefront of discovering new and innovative ways of using light. Including creating a new types of solar panels, engineering better electronic displays and lights that use less energy and manipulating light so it can be used in a range of security arenas including bank notes in order to eliminate counterfeiting.