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School Colloquia Series - 2017 Program

11th April 2017Victor FlambaumDark matter, variation of the fundamental constants and violation of the fundamental symmetries
18th April 2017Adam MicolichProject Tripwire: Electrical Detection in Biological Computing.
9th May 2017Igor Aharonovich

Quantum Emitters in Flatland

16th May 2017Clemens Ulrich

Multiferroics: from bulk to thin films

23rd May 2017Daniel CottonTranscending the traditional limits of Stellar Polarimetry
30th May 2017Steven SherwoodSelf-agreggation in radiative-convective equilibrium and its link to extreme rain increases in a warming atmosphere
13th June 2017Ivan KassalHow photosynthetic organisms use coherence
20th June 2017Dane McCamey

Spin in Organic Optoelectronic Materials and Devices

27th June 2017Sarah MartellGlobular clusters and galaxy formation: recent observational progress
11th July 2017Jodie BradbyCreating new materials at extreme pressures: Diamonds are a (high-pressure) scientist's best friend
18th July 2017Jessica DempseySynergies between the East Asia Observatory, and Australia's new generation of low frequency radio observatories.
25th July 2017Matthew BailesThe Transient Universe on Millisecond Timescales
1st August 2017Hugh JonesPlanets Around Nearby M Dwarfs
22nd August 2017Paul CurmiBiophysics Beyond Structural Biolody
29th August 2017

Maria Cunningham

Astrochemistry in the era of very large datasets.
12th September 2017Sun Kwok

Organic Matter in the Universe: from solar system to distant galaxies

19th September 2017Björn Schäfer Weak Gravitational Lensing
26th September 2017Katharina Gaus

T cell receptor clustering – a mechanism of signal transduction

3rd October 2017Michael TobarHigh Precision Low Energy Measurements for Testing Fundamental Physics
17th October 2017Liz AngstmannWhat does research tell us about good teaching?
24th October 2017

Natalie Plank

Carbon nanotube device platforms for electronic aptasensors

31st OctoberProfessor Michael Ashley, School of Physics, UNSW

Kilonovae, gamma-ray bursts, neutron star mergers, and why you should stay well away from a magnetar

14th November 2017Dr Louise Brown

Dynamics, Disease, and Diamonds: Probing Biology Using Unpaired Electrons

21st November 2017Ingrid MendesDifferences between schools and universities and how we can help each other.
28th November 2017Lucyna Kedziora-ChuczerJuno - why do we need another mission to Jupiter