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School Colloquia Series - 2018 Program

6 February 2018Associate Professor Nicola GastonUniversity of AucklandElectronic Shell Structure and the Thermodynamic Stability of Clusters
13 February 2018Associate Professor Shanti DeemyadUniversity of UtahThe Many Faces of the Lightest Metal "LITHIUM" Under Pressure
20 February 2018Professor Ignacio FerrerasUniversity College London

(Absorption-line) Spectroscopy as a tool to understand massivegalaxy formation

27 February 2018Professor Harald Giessen4th Physics Institute, University of Stuttgart3D Printing of Complex Microoptics
27 March 2018

A/Prof Drew Evans

University of South Australia

Turning industry engagement into fundamental research

20 March 2018A/Prof Till BoeckingSchool of Medical Sciences, UNSWSingle-molecule analysis of HIV-1 capsid disassembly
10 April 2018Dr Sougato BoseUniversity College London

Quantum Spin Network as Information Automata

08 May April 2018Dr Stephan RachelUniversity of MelbourneQuantum Design of Topological Matter
22 May 2018Dr Maarten de JongNikhef/Leiden University

KM3NeT: The next generation neutrino telescope

29 May 2018Prof.  Céline BoehmUniversity of SydneyIs our current understanding of the Universe correct
19 June 2018Scientia Professor Alex HamiltonUNSWInteractions between spin and orbital momentum: The hole story’
26 June  2018Dr Peter ReeceUNSWLightly Probing the Nanoscale
24 July 2018A/Prof Sharath SriramRMIT

Functions from flaws: Devices that harness vacancies and deficiencies in oxide thin films

31 July 2018A/Prof Tara MurphyUniversity of Sydney

Radio emission from the binary neutron star merger GW170817

14 August 2018Prof Tamara Davies  
21 August 2018Prof Marco Drewes  
28 August 2018Prof Joe WolfeUNSW 
11 September 2018   
18 September 2018Prof Matthew EnglandUNSW 
25 September 2018N/A  
28 September 2018Prof Chris Kay TBC
09 October 2018Oleg SushkovUNSW 
16 October 2018Shelley WickhamUSYD 
23 October 2018Claudia LagosUWA 
30 October 2018Geraint LewisUSYD 
13 November 2018Archil KobakhidzeUSYD 
20 November 2018Jessica BuddenUNSW 
27 November 2018Nagarajan ValanoorUNSW