Department of
Theoretical Physics

Theoretical Physics

The broad research interests and qualifications of the academic and research staff in Theoretical Physics allow them to work on challenging problems of modern physics, such as high temperature superconductivity, quantum phase transitions, mesoscopic systems, quantum chromodynamics, quantum gravity, violation of the fundamental symmetries and tests of Grand Unification theories, the search for cosmological variation of fundamental constants in the evolving Universe predicted by string theories, atoms in strong fields, quantum chaos, and foundations of statistical mechanics.

The members of the Theoretical Physics Department are involved in collaborations with numerous research groups in America, Europe, and Asia. The Department is fortunate to have the support of the Gordon Godfrey fund which finances visits to the University by world–leading theoreticians for the purpose of collaborative research and also provides funds for an annual international research conference held at the University on interesting topics of modern science.


30 September 2014
30th September, 2:00 - 3:00pm, Room 64 Old Main Building
Nanoscale BioPhotonics: new