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Jinglin Zhao



2019 -- PhD Astrophysics, UNSW

2015 -- MSc Astrophysics, University of Innsbruck

2012 -- BSc Physics, University of Science and Technology of China

Research Interests: 

<Aim> Find cats on another planet.

<The challenge> The search for terrestrial-mass extra-solar planets using radial velocities is currently struggling with stellar variability that overwhelms and mimics the periodic Doppler signals from small planets. Current methods are far from capable of mitigating stellar activity nosie and identifying these tiny signals. 

<Solution 1> I have developed a novel mathematical methodology (Fourier phase spectrum analysis, i.e. FIESTA) to study a spectral line profile in the Fourier domain. FIESTA can distinguish a line shift from a line profile shape deformation, parametrise a spectral line deformation and quantify the impact of stellar jitter. The idea is intuitive: a line profile is interpreted as shifted if all the composing Fourier frequency modes are shifted by the same amount; a line profile is interpreted as deformed if the composing Fourier frequency modes are shifted variously.

<Solution 2> I have explored the parametrisation of a spectral line profile using the orthogonal Gauss-Hermite functions. The odd and even Hermite functions can be used to probe periodicities related to planetary signals and stellar variability, as the presence of planetary signals can only produce a odd differential in the cross-correlated stellar spectrum, while stellar variability can produce both odd and even differentials.dddddd

Honours, Awards and Memberships: 

Astronomical Society of Australia Student Member.

Selected Publications: 

Zhao, Jinglin; Tinney, Chris, "FIESTA – disentangling stellar variability from exoplanetsin the Fourier domain", 2019, submitted to MNRAS

Wittenmyer, Robert A.; Clark, Jake T.; Zhao, Jinglin; Horner, Jonathan; Wang, Songhu; Johns, Daniel, "Truly eccentric - I. Revisiting eight single-eccentric planetary systems", 2019, MNRAS 484 (4)

Cotton, Daniel V.; Evensberget, Dag; Marsden, Stephen C.; Bailey, Jeremy; Zhao, Jinglin; Kedziora-Chudczer, Lucyna; Carter, Bradley D.; Bott, Kimberly; Vidotto, Aline A.; Petit, Pascal; Morin, Julien; Jeffers, Sandra V., "The rotationally modulated polarization of ξ Boo A", 2018, MNRAS 483 (2)

Wittenmyer, Robert A.; Jones, M. I.; Horner, Jonathan; Kane, Stephen R.; Marshall, J. P.; Mustill, A. J.; Jenkins, J. S.; Pena Rojas, P. A.; Zhao, Jinglin; Villaver, Eva; Butler, R. P.; Clark, Jake, "The Pan-Pacific Planet Search. VII. The Most Eccentric Planet Orbiting a Giant Star", 2017, AJ 154 6

Wittenmyer, Robert A.; Jones, M. I.; Zhao, Jinglin; Marshall, J. P.; Butler, R. P.; Tinney, C. G.; Wang, Liang; Johnson, John Asher, "The Pan-Pacific Planet Search. VI. Giant Planets Orbiting HD 86950 and HD 222076", 2017, AJ 153 51

Wright, D. J.; Wittenmyer, R. A.; Tinney, C. G.; Bentley, J. S.; Zhao, Jinglin., "Three Planets Orbiting Wolf 1061", 2016, ApJL 817 L20

C. Bergmann, M. I. Jones, J. Zhao, E. Villaver, R. Brahm, R. A. Wittenmyer, F. Gunn, K.R. Pollard, A. Zapata, L. Vanzi, Songhu Wang, "HD 76920 b pinned down: precise orbital elements forthe most eccentric planet orbiting an evolved star", drafted

Zhao, Jinglin; Tinney, Chris, "Gauss-Hermite decomposition of spectral line profiles in search of exoplanets amongst stellar variability", being drafted