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Emeritus Professor

John W. V. Storey


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  • B.Sc. LaT.,
  • Ph.D. Monash

Research Interests: 

Antarctic astronomy. The high Antarctic plateau contains the best observing sites on earth for optical, infrared, terahertz and sub-millimetre astronomy. The Antarctic astronomy group at UNSW currently has deployed a series of robotic “PLATO” observatories at Dome A, Dome F and Ridge A. 

Infrared and Millimeter astronomy. My astronomical interests include star formation and molecular cloud evolution. I am particularly interested in the development of innovative instrumentation to facilitate studies of these objects. A design study for PILOT, a proposed 2.4 metre infrared telescope for Antarctica, was conducted in 2008.

Energy efficient vehicles.I maintain an active interest in efficient and environmentally friendly transportation. After competing as part of Team Marsupial in the inaugural 1987 event, I have been on the Technical Committee of the World Solar Challenge official for every succeeding event.