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Madan M. Kaila


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  • BSc Hons (Physics) Delhi University¬†
  • Msc (Nuclear Physics) Delhi University¬†
  • PhD Condensed Matter (Solid-state Physics) University of New South Wales (UNSW)¬†
  • Post Doctorate UNSW

Research Interests: 

Quantum Neuroscience

The human model of the brain has progressed significantly over the last decade or so. This is result of accelerated research efforts in neuroscience all over the world in the recent years. The conventional magnetic resonance imaging (single quantum identity of spins) using static magnetic fields < 7T has played major role in imaging and its application to the development of brain science. Intermolecular multi-quantum coherence imaging (iMQCI) of the brain has helped sort out lots of mysteries of the brain functions. It is because to acquire the microscopic level (micron to mm scale) of imaging details, one is after, it puts lot of technological constrains on the MRI machine. Nevertheless one can see a systematic progress in that direction in the MRI research. Other than the basic research in the brain science, there are other benefits proceeding from this research. The microscopic imaging allows diagnostics of brain tumors at the molecular level. This allows better understanding of the physics and chemistry of the events happened at the region of interest (ROI) which led to the creation of diseased cells. Thus one can extrapolate its origin and suggest advise for prevention of the tumors. The researcher at present is interested in modeling of the brain using computational techniques (Mathematics, Metlab, etc), through quantum nature of events happening in the brain in space and time. Later collaboration with a hospital or a brain (neuroscience) research institute is envisioned by the researcher.