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Honorary Associate Professor

Michael A. Box


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  • BSc Monash,
  • PhD Syd., MAIP

Research Interests: 

My work covers all aspects of atmospheric aerosols (suspended particles) and their environmental impacts. At a local level, aerosol levels are strongly correlated with adverse health effects, although no one knows exactly why. My group is currently investigating the distribution of aerosols in Sydney, and especially any chemical or physical variations.

At the regional and global level, aerosols are currently regarded as one of the key players in global climate change. Aerosols may scatter sunlight back to space, cooling the Earth, or modify cloud properties, also cooling our planet. The work of my group is directed at studying aerosol amounts and type from space, and also at computing the climatic impact of these aerosols.

We have developed a number of sophisticated techniques to obtain aerosol properties from various types of remote sensing measurements. As a result of this expertise, we are currently involved in an international field campaign known as ACE-Asia, to perform comprehensive studies of the aerosols coming off the Asian continent.

We also have considerable expertise in radiative transfer calculations. In particular, we have pioneered radiative perturbation theory, which is capable of speeding up some calculations by a factor of 100. This method has been applied to a number of tasks, including the calculation of UV indices.