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Senior Lecturer

Peter Reece


+61(2) 9385 4998


+61(2) 9385 6060


Third Year Lab Director
Laser Safety Officer
Health and Safety Committee (academic representative)
Postgraduate Coordinator for Admissions (joint position)
UNSW Radiation Safety Committee (deputy presiding member)


  • BSc (Hons) UNSW,
  • PhD (Physics) UNSW

Research Interests: 

  • Optical trapping and manipulation of nanoparticles and nanowires
  • Optical trapping and sensing with nanodiamond
  • Plasmonics
  • Silicon biophotonics and single cell sensing
  • Silicon nanophotonics / microphotonics

Selected Publications: 

Optical Trapping and Micromanipulation
  1. F. Han, T. Armstrong, A. Andres-Arroyo, D. Bennett, A. Soeriyadi, A. Alinezhad Chamazketi, P. Bakthavathsalam, R. Tilley, J. J. Gooding, P J. Reece, Optical tweezers-based characterisation of gold core-satellite plasmonic nano-assemblies incorporating thermo-responsive polymers, Nanoscale, (2020).
  2. L.W. Russell, S.G. Ralph, K. Wittick, J.P. Tetienne, D.A. Simpson, P. J. Reece, Manipulating the quantum coherence of optically trapped nanodiamonds, ACS Photonics 5 (11), pp. 4491-4496 (2018).
  3. A. Andres-Arroyo, P. J. Reece, Using light scattering to resolve Brownian rotation dynamics of optically trapped Au nanorods, Journal of Applied Physics 123 (5), Art. No. 054302 (2018).
  4. T. F. Dixon, L. W. Russell, A. Andres-Arroyo, P. J. Reece, Using back focal plane interferometry to probe the influence of Zernike aberrations in optical tweezers, Optics Letters 42 (15), pp. 2968-2971 (2017)
  5. F. Wang, W. J. Toe, W. M. Lee, D. McGloin, Q. Gao, H. H. Tan, C. Jagadish, P. J. Reece, Resolving stable axial trapping points of nanowires in an optical tweezers using photoluminescence mapping, Nano Letters, 13 (3), pp. 1185-1191 (2013). 
  6. P. J. Reece, W. J. Toe, F. Wang, S. Paiman, Q. Gao, H. H. Tan, C. Jagadish, Characterisation of semiconductor nanowires based on optical tweezers, Nano Letters, 11 (6), pp 2375–2381 (2011). 
  7. K. Pearce, F. Wang, and P. J. Reece, Dark-field optical tweezers for nanometrology of metallic nanoparticles, Optics Express 19, 25559-25569 (2011).  
  8. M. Dienerowitz, M. Mazilu, P. J. Reece, T. F. Krauss, K. Dholakia, Optical vortex trap for resonant confinement of metal nanoparticles Optics Express 16 (7) , pp. 4991-4999 (2008).  
  9. P. J. Reece, E. M. Wright & K. Dholakia, Experimental observation of modulation instability and optical spatial soliton arrays in soft condensed matter, Physical Review Letters 98, 203902 (2007).
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Biophotonics & Optical Biosensing 

  1. Khan, M.A., Y. Zhu, Y. Yao, P. Zhang, A. Agrawal, and P.J. Reece, Impact of metal crystallinity-related morphologies on the sensing performance of plasmonic nanohole arrays, Nanoscale Advance Article (2020). https://doi.org/10.1039/D0NR00619J

  2. Piya, R, Zhu, Y, Soeriyadi, AH, Silva, SM & Reece, PJ et al., 'Micropatterning of porous silicon Bragg reflectors with poly(ethylene glycol) to fabricate cell microarrays: Towards single cell sensing', Biosensors and Bioelectronics, vol. 127, pp. 229-235, doi:10.1016/j.bios.2018.12.001 (2019)
  3. Piya, R, Gupta, B, Gooding, JJ & Reece, PJ, 'Optimising porous silicon Bragg reflectors for narrow spectral resonances', Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 124, no. 16, pp. 163103, doi:10.1063/1.5048618 (2018)

Silicon Photonics & Photovoltaics

  1. C. M. Johnson, P.J. Reece, G. Conibeer, Slow-light-enhanced up-conversion for photovoltaics in one-dimensional photonic crystals, Optics Letters, 36, pp. 3990-3992. (2011)
  2. A. Pham, H. Qiao, B. Guan, J. J. Gooding, M. Gal, P. J. Reece, Characterisation of optical bistability in mesoporous silicon microcavitiesJournal Applied Physics, 109 (9), Art. No. 093113 (2011)
  3. H. Qiao, B. Guan, T. Bocking, M. Gal, J.J. Gooding, and P.J. Reece, Optical properties of II-VI colloidal quantum dot doped porous silicon microcavities. Applied Physics Letters, 96(16), 161106-3 (2010)
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