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Sven Rogge


+61(2) 9385 5979


  • BSc Karlsruhe, Germany;
  • PhD Stanford, USA

Research Interests: 

The goal of Sven's Research Program is to understand the physics of qubit coupling with the environment to understand decoherence pathways and to control. The control over the electron wavefunction requires interface which lead to the loss of bulk properties of the qubit due to physical processes like the valley-orbit coupling, exchange, and many-body effects in coherent coupling. The atomistic understanding of the interaction between the environment and the qubit is essential for quantum computation since it allows the achievement of optimal coherence times and optimal robustness of the quantum gates. Optical addressing of electrons in Si is nontrivial but vastly beneficial due to the gained flexibility and unprecedented high resolution. We investigate efficient read-out and coupling schemes to open up new pathways into optical control.