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Technical Laboratory Manager

Tamara Reztsova


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Technical Laboratory Manager


MSc in Crystallography from Moscow State University by research project “Physicochemical investigation of sections of the system Sb2S3 – SbJ3 and crystal growth from gaseous phase”

Selected Publications: 

  1. Dark- and Photoreactions of Ethanol and Acetaldehyde over TiO2/Carbon Molecular Sieve Fibers T. Reztsova, C. -H. Chang, J. Koresh and H. Idriss Journal of Catalysis (1999), Vol. 185, Issue 1, p. 223-235
  2. Crystal Structure of a Soluble Form of the Intracellular Chloride Ion Channel CLIC1 (NCC27) at 1.4-Å Resolution Stephen J. Harr, Matthew Z. DeMaere, W. Douglas Fairlie, Tamara Reztsova, Paul M. G. Curmi et al J. Biol. Chem. (2001), Vol. 276, Issue 48, p. 44993-45000
  3. A critique of methods of determining the position of the focus of the Sq current system Stening, R., T. Reztsova, D. Ivers, J. Turner, and D. Winch Journal of Geophysical Research (2005), Vol. 110, Issue A4, p. A04305.1-A04305.9
  4. Day-to-day changes in the latitudes of the foci of the Sq current system and their relation to equatorial electrojet strength R Stening, T Reztsova, LH Minh Journal of Geophysical Research (2005), Vol. 110, Issue A10, p. A10308.1-A10308.6
  5. Thermosphere, Ionosphere- Morning quiet-time ionospheric current reversal at mid to high latitudes R Stening, T Reztsova, D Ivers, J Turner, D Winch Annales Geophysicae (2005), Vol. 23, p. 385-391
  6. Variation of Sq focus latitudes in the Australian/Pacific region during a quiet sun year R.Stening, T.Reztsova and Le Huy Minh Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics (2007), Vol. 69, Issue 6, p. 734-740
  7. The daily variations of the vertical (Z) element of the geomagnetic field around the coast of mainland Australia R Stening, T Reztsova Earth, Planets and Space (2007), Vol. 59, p. 579-584
  8. Spherical cap harmonic analysis of magnetic variations data from mainland Australia Stening, R. J.; Reztsova, T.; Ivers, D.; Turner, J.; Winch, D. E. Earth, Planets and Space (2008), Vol. 60, p. 1177-1186.