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Scientia Professor & ARC Professorial Fellow

Victor Flambaum


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Research Group(s): 


1974 B.Sc. (Physics) with Excellence, Novosibirsk University, USSR
1978 Ph.D, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, USSR
1987 Doctor of Science (full professor degree)

Research Interests: 

My research interests include a number of challenging problems in atomic, molecular, nuclear, elementary particle, solid state physics, general relativity and astrophysics: violation of the fundamental symmetries (parity, time invariance, Lorentz), test of the theories of Grand Unification of elementary particles and their interactions, manifestations  of Dark matter and Dark energy in atomic in astrophysical phenomena, search for spatial and temporal variation of the fundamental constants in the Universe from the Big Bang to the present time (such variation is predicted by theories unifying gravity with other interactions), many-body theory and high-precision atomic calculations, quantum chaos and statistical theory, quantum effects in superstrong gravitational fields (black holes), high-temperature superconductivity, mesoscopic systems and conductance quantization.

Honours, Awards and Memberships: 


2015    NSW Premier’s Prize for Excellence in Mathematics, Earth Sciences, Chemistry and Physics.

2012    Humboldt Research Award (Senior), German prize for international scientists

2012    Eureka Prize for Scientific Research (Australia)

1983    Lenin Komsomol Prize (highest USSR prize for young scientists with age limit 33).


2009    Lyle Medal (Australian Academy of Science, for research in Mathematical and Physical Sciences)

2009    Boas Medal (Australian Institute of Physics)

2002    Centenary Medal (Australia).


1981     SD USSR Academy of Science award.

1974     Award for best student research work, all-USSR competition.

Visiting Fellowships:

2016-2018       Gutenberg Fellowship, Germany, with 357 000 Euro= $ 537 000 research grant.

2017                Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics Visiting Fellowship (USA)

2005-2007       Argonne Fellowship (USA).

2003-2004      Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

1998                Princeton University (Visiting Fellow)

1996               Harvard University (Visiting Fellow and leader of the topical group on violation of the             fundamental symmetries at the Institute for Theoretical Atomic and Molecular Theory)        

1990-1991     Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics (Visiting Fellow)


2000-               Fellow of Australian Academy of Science

2010-               Fellow of American Physical Society(less than 0.5% of members elected Fellows per year)

2017-               Fellow of the Institute of Physics, UK

2013-               Fellow of Royal Society NSW

2013-           Member, The Foundation Questions Institute


Selected Publications: 

400 publications in atomic, molecular, nuclear, elementary particle, solid state, statistical physics, general relativity and  astrophysics  in Science, Nature-Physics, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review X, Physical Review (A,B,C,D), EPL, Phys. Lett. A,B and leading specialised  journals. 200 invited talks at international conferences  and hundreds of invited talks at universities.

A. Flambaum, V. Flambaum. How to make a Big Bang: a cosmic journey. 2012, Langdon press, 236 pages.

Berengut JC; Flambaum VV; Ong A; Webb JK; Barrow JD; Barstow MA; Preval SP; Holberg JB
Limits on the dependence of the fine-structure constant on gravitational potential from white-dwarf spectra,
Physical Review Letters 111, 010801 (2013); Editor's Suggestion

Hohensee MA; Leefer N; Budker D; Harabati C; Dzuba VA; Flambaum VV
Limits on violations of Lorentz symmetry and the Einstein equivalence principle using radio-frequency spectroscopy of atomic dysprosium,
Physical Review Letters 111, 050401 (2013); Editor's Suggestion

Berengut JC; Dzuba VA; Flambaum VV
Enhanced laboratory sensitivity to variation of the fine-structure constant using highly charged ions
Physical Review Letters 105, 120801 (2010); Editor's Suggestion

Flambaum VV Exchange interaction and correlations radically changes behavior of a quantum particle in a classically forbidden region.   Phys. Rev. A80, 055401 (2009). APS selected this paper for December 2009 issue of Virtual Journalof Ultrafast Science http: www.vjultrafast.org covering a focused area of frontier research.

Dzuba VA; Berengut JC; Flambaum V; Roberts B
Revisiting parity nonconservation in cesium,
Physical Review Letters 109, 203003 (2012)

Derevianko A; Dzuba VA; Flambaum VV
Highly charged ions as a basis of optical atomic clockwork of exceptional accuracy,
Physical Review Letters 109, 180801 (2012)

Webb JK; King JA; Flambaum VV; Bainbridge MB; Murphy MT; Carswell RF
Indications of a spatial variation of the fine structure constant,
Physical Review Letters 107, 191101 (2011)