Exchange Students

Undergraduate students from overseas universities can come to UNSW for one or two sessions as an exchange student. Incoming students may choose to study one, or several, courses in the School of Physics while they are here. Students may take courses from any year, providing they have completed suitable prerequisite courses at their home institution. Senior students may also be interested in participating in a research project within the School.

UNSW has exchange agreements with nearly 200 overseas institutions. If you are currently studying in one of these universities you should apply through the Exchange Office in your home university. More information about coming to UNSW can be found at our Student Exchange Website.

If you are not a student at one of the partner institutions, you can still come to UNSW on exchange. You will need to apply directly to UNSW’s Study Abroad program .

Students who are interested in coming to UNSW to obtain research experience or professional/industrial practice (and not completing any courses as part of their exchange) should apply through UNSW’s short-term research programs.

UNSW Students who are interested in going overseas on exchange for 1 or 2 sessions should contact the UNSW Student Exchange Office.

If you have any questions about studying physics courses as part of your exchange to UNSW, please contact the Student Advisor at: