Physics Majors

If you are interested in undertaking a Major in Physics, you must do so within the broader framework of a Science Degree.  Any of the 9 physics areas of expertise offered in the UNSW School of Physics, can be studied as part of your Physics Major.  

To better understand the Physics Major pathways within the the overall Bachelor of Science Degrees, please access the chart links below.   The charts will explain what subjects you must do in each year of study to complete your degree with a Major in Physics. 


Australian students apply through the University Admissions Centre (UAC). International students undertaking Australian Year 12 examinations should also lodge an application for admission through UAC.

All other international students should lodge an application directly with UNSW, preferably using the University's Apply Online service.

Selection for undergraduate programs at UNSW is based on academic merit by assessment of completion of matriculation through secondary studies (such as the NSW HSC or equivalent). Non-high school students or those with qualifications below UNSW's entry requirements, may apply via pathways such as the University Preparation Program.

Students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree at another university and who want to apply to UNSW for the Honours year only, should apply directly to UNSW. Please review the Faculty of Science webpage for information about how to apply.