09 October 2020

Silence, please: UNSW scientists create quietest semiconductor quantum bits on record

Researchers at UNSW Sydney have demonstrated the lowest noise level on record for a semiconductor quantum bit, or qubit.

06 October 2020

Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff: how science fiction helps make sense of physics

From the morality plays in Star Trek, to the grim futures in Black Mirro

A student breaks a brick on Professor Joe Wolfe to demonstrate the physics of collision
14 September 2020

Musical physicist seeks new knowledge

Physics Professor Joe Wolfe is popular among students for dramatic lecture demonstrations.

30 July 2020

Best place on Earth to see stars is at remote site in Antarctica, study shows

Have you ever wondered why stars twinkle?
23 July 2020

Life Among the Stars - National Science Week 2020

UNSW Sydney will celebrate the wonderful world of science with a range of digital events for the 2020 National Science Week.  

19 June 2020

We can all be stargazers – and now is the perfect time to start

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to put their day-to-day lives on pause, whether this meant cancelling travel plans, working or study
18 June 2020

Physics graduate awarded the UNSW 2020 Alumni Award for Research Achievement

Congratulations to Professor Tamara Davis, who has been awarded the UNSW 2020 Alumni Award for Research Achievement.