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Matthew Freeman
Postgraduate Student

Matthew Freeman



2016 - UNSW Physics Outreach presenter.

2015 - UNSW, Teaching Assistant for PHYS1160 Introduction to Astronomy


2014 onwards - PhD Candidate. "Terahertz Astronomy from Antarctica". Supervisor: Professor Michael Ashley. Co-supervisor: Professor Michael Burton.
2013 - Master of Science with first class honours in Physics, University of Auckland
2011 - Postgraduate Diploma In Physics, University of Auckland
2010 - Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, University of Auckland

Honours, Awards and Memberships: 

2015 - ASA Annual Scientific Meeting poster competition, 3rd place.
2014 - Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship
2013 - University of Auckalnd Dan Walls Scholarchip for best piece of published theoretical research work for Abe et al (2013)
2011 - Exposure Postgraduate Research Exposition. Top 20 in poster competition. (Poster on display in UoA physics lab)
2009 - UoA Physics summer scholarship
2008 - Univsersity of Auckland Scholarship

Astronomical Society of Australia student member


Selected Publications: 

2015 - SCAR AAA workshop, Hawaii. Presented talk "The infrared sky in the Antarctic Plateau"

Burton, M et al (2015) Extended Carbon Line Emission in the Galaxy: Searching for Dark Molecular Gas along the G328 Sightline. ApJ, 811, 13


Freeman, M. et al (2015). Can the Masses of Isolated Planetary-Mass Gravitational Lenses be Measured by Terrestrial Parallax? ApJ, 799, 181


2013 - Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand Annual Meeting, Invercargill. Presented talk ‘Measuring the Number of Earth-Like Planets in the Milky Way’


Abe, F. et al (2013). Extending the Planetary Mass Function to Earth Mass by Microlensing at Moderately High Magnification. MNRAS 431, 2975


2012 - 16th International Conference on Gravitational Microlensing, Pasadena. Presented talk ‘Terrestrial Parallax in the Low-mass Event MOA-2011-BLG-274 and a Preliminary Search for Low-mass Objects in the Database of the WISE Space Mission’


2011 - Animation for NASA press release: Lone Planet Under a Cosmic Magnifying Glass.



Miyake, N. et al (2010). A sub-Saturn Mass Planet, MOA-2009-BLG-319Lb. ApJ 728, 20


2010 - 14th International Conference on Gravitational Microlensing, Auckland. Presented talk ‘Gravitational Microlensing Event MB09319’