Centres of Excellence

The Australian Federal Government is committed to funding Centres of Excellence that employ the highest quality researchers, technical experts and students to examine issues of national priority in a collaborative manner. 

The School of Physics UNSW is a partner in four Australian Centres of Excellence. 

  • The Australian Centre of Excellence Exciton Science (ACEx)
  • Centre for Quantum Computing & Communication Technology (CQC²T)
  • Future Low Energy Electronics Technologies (FLEET)
  • Centre of Excellence in Astrophysics (ASTRO 3D)

Each Centre of Excellence represents a successful collaboration between University, Industry, and Government Sectors.

The Australian Centre of Excellence Exciton (ACEx) Science brings together researchers and industry to discover new ways to source and use energy.  The goal is to manipulate the way light energy is absorbed, transported and transformed in advanced molecular materials.  The Centre’s international collaborative approach has enabled innovative scientific developments in the areas of solar energy conversion;  energy-efficient lighting and displays; and security labelling and optical sensor platforms for defence.

The Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology (CQC²T) leads the world in the race to build a quantum computer in silicon and undertakes world-class research in optical quantum computing and quantum information technologies. The Centre is headquartered at UNSW and comprises more than 200 researchers from nine of Australia’s leading research institutions. Together with over 25 formal international partners CQC²T represents one of the world’s largest teams working to create a universal quantum computer and secure communication systems.

The Future Low Energy Electronics Technologies (FLEET) Centre of Excellence places Australia at the forefront of the new scientific fields of topological electronics, atomically thin materials, exciton condensates, and non-equilibrium phenomena. The goal is to meet the demand for faster and stronger technologies using the most sustainable materials and processes. The Centre is building capacity in Australia for advanced electronics research.  Ultimately, the Centre will provide expert training to the Australian electronics industry to support a more sustainable future.

The new Centre of Excellence in the area of Astrophysics (ASTRO 3D) is an international collaborative effort that aims to build a picture of the evolution of matter and the transition of energy in the Universe from shortly after the Big Bang until the present day.  Ultimately the Centre will propel Australia to the forefront of astronomical research through the development of next generation giant optical and radio telescopes.